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Smoke & Mirrors

Textile Design and mock up by Jodie Hilton

The smoke and mirrors collection represents modern times in reflection to how the women project themselves to the public. With the norms of social media being about projecting the “best version” of ones self, when in reality the picture of glimmering sophistication can be the opposite.

The aim of this collection is to uphold the “best version” and represent women in their best light, allowing their style to create intrigue and sophistication. This ideal is embodied in Angelica Houston and the era of the 70’s. Sophistication, style and era of freedom and sexiness. This essence is also captured in the tongue and cheek photographic style of Guy Boudin.

Textile Design and mock up by Jodie Hilton


Textile Design and mock up by Jodie Hilton
Textiles created for the Smoke & Mirrors range embody the same core message. Three applications have been applied to represent complexity and exuberance.

1- Woven using a range of materials in a plain weave style. The sequined elasticated the expands where contour is needed but is  still breathable because large amounts of air can pass through the weave. Making this comfortable to wear as an a complete garment or used as paneling where a rigid fibre needs contouring.

Balmain is a brand that has popularized this kind of process in signature looks.

2-Bonded holographic mesh to holographic PVC gives a exaggerate 3rd dimension to the appearance and gives a the fabric added strength with less control over drape, means less slip. Perfect for structured pieces such as accessories or extreme contrast in statement pieces. Marc Jacobs uses this method in collections.

3 The heavy duty mesh has been hand pressed with resin filled metal studs. Adding to the weight of the mesh and creating a dramatic drape. The resin captures the light while adding texture. Suitable for many applications across millinery, accessories, garments and embellishment as exhibited by Chanel.

Textile Design and mock up by Jodie Hilton


Textile Design and mock up by Jodie Hilton

These textiles take into the consideration of finding an even medium between environmental factors and sustaining craftsmanship. The production of the fibres requires less water and minimal farming. The diverse range of materials needed mixed with the need of hand crafting supports a range of societies and skilled labour. Textiles of this kind are best suited for couture and are difficult to reproduce. Therefore the price in producing and sourcing these components would be best suited to company’s that can afford that luxury.

Textile Design and mock up by Jodie Hilton


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