Bauhaus inspired Cover

Magazine + Portfolio

My first major piece of assessment was to present the lesson tutorials and questionnaires as a magazine format. Admittedly I had no idea how to use creative suite and I didn’t know to even PDF a document. 9 weeks after my first class lesson this document was due. It seemed daunting at the start…. little did I realise it would be 1 of 4 due around the same time!

Bauhaus inspired Cover

Bauhaus inspired Cover

Jodie Hilton2 Jodie Hilton3 Jodie Hilton4 Jodie Hilton5 Jodie Hilton6 Jodie Hilton9 Jodie Hilton10 Jodie Hilton13 Jodie Hilton11 Jodie Hilton12 Jodie Hilton14

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