Fashion Illustration Jodie Hilton

Electric Dreams was created to complement print design for fashion. Check it out here

Fashion illustration. This work represents stylised fashion illustrations used for proposals and concept generation. These designs represent how historical eras have been adapted to modern fashion.

Vector Illustrations 3

Inspired by: three on left: Goth and Punk. Centre three: Sportswear in fashion inspired from 1980s tennis costume and 1990’s olympic sprinters. Three figures on the right are inspired by Harajuku street style

Vector Illustrations 2

Inspired by Suffragettes, the war effort and finally the last 3 on the end are inspired from Mary Qaunt’s mini dress and 1960s

Vector Illustrations Jodie

Three on the left are inspired by the bustle dress. Centre three are appropriated by S Bend silhouette styled from the ideal Gibson Girl od the Edwardian era. The three on the right are bought to life through la belle époque. The art deco era has been highlighted to represent this era.

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