Jodie Hilton

Missoni Magazine

Anyone that knows me may know how much I love Missoni, not only as a brand, but as a way of life. From fashion, homewares and even hotels! Missoni is a family based fashion house based in Italy. Now in its 3rd generation, this tight-knit family business still manages to knock the socks of the runways.

I was challenged with creating a magazine about a fashion based brand that reflected the brand in the layout as much as the content.

Jodie Hilton


Jodie Hilton2 Jodie Hilton3 Jodie Hilton4


Jodie Hilton5


Jodie Hilton6


Jodie Hilton7


Jodie Hilton8


Jodie Hilton9


Jodie Hilton10


Jodie Hilton11

Published By Jodie Hilton for 1st year Branded Fashion assessment.

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