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Manning Cartell

Manning Cartell

“She has eyes unlike any ocean”

The process I took to generate and develop the conceptual metaphor: I immediately noticed a strong presence of black and white. High contrast could mean 2 opposites, yang and yang, good vs. evil, night and day, love and hate? I noticed that garments were named “fate and chance” or “Capulet” which lead me to the story of Romeo and Juliet. I investigated other theories like Escher’s “fall of man” and the contrasting patterns from his lithographs. I gathered a collection of black and white props and swatches to develop a mood board. I also had a geometric stencil that I placed over black card and experimented with white and silver spray paint.

Twiggy is the muse behind my metaphor. While her nickname is based on her twig like legs its her eyes that captivates her audience. In fact she has eyes like no ocean! Twiggy was the first official super model. The girl that made everyone look twice. This is exactly what the garments from this story do. While they look sleek and refined there are fine details that catch your eye and encourage you to look more closely.

A straight-line silhouette with Highly textured fabrics like leather; mesh cotton and jersey, paired with a mix of mesh and gem stone embellishments that are not necessarily edgier but more serious, to complement the finessed tailoring. To achieve a balance of luxury and with an industrial vibe. Monochromatic patterns are repeated across dresses, shorts, paints and blouses, while heavily textured pieces are in plain colours. The uneven side split is also repeated for pencil skits and a cocktail dress. Which carries through all collections. The modest neckline is in keeping with Juliet’s decorum and reluctance to reveal.

High round neck maxi dresses, button up shirts and boat neck tunics, the hem line is where all the action is, with generally a high line, paired with high wedges, elongates the legs to complement the proportions of the garments. The simpler, baggier styles seemed ironically more flattering and on-trend for the modern woman, imbued with a summery sense of ease. Manning Cartell Manning Cartell Manning Cartell Brand Analysis

With their continued runway presence at Australian Fashion Week since 2008, MANNING CARTELL has grown into one of Australia’s most exciting labels. Quality, respect and an ethical approach to creating beautifully Australian made collections plays a key role in the brands mantra and in 2012 Manning Cartell was accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. The Manning Cartel aesthetic is modern, strong and has a refined femininity. A combination of contrasting elements such as fluidity and severity, restraint and sophistication play an integral part in each collection, along with a strong use of colour and print. For spring/summer 2013, Manning Cartel present Fate and Chance – Inspired by symbols of contrast as depicted in the classic love story of Romeo & Juliet. Richness and dynamism in duality is reflected in black and white through texture, prints. Layered textural effects create a play on tone and depth of colour. Today Manning Cartell is found in selected Australian and International boutiques with flagship stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.


The metaphor plays on the nature of the ocean reflected in the beauty of a woman’s disposition. This SS13/14 draws inspiration from contrasting expression of being alluring and fierce? The unpredictable nature of the ocean is considered in fabric and colour choices. Adorned with multi layered embellishments, statement graphics and oversized beading, create a delicate-hard juxtaposition. The silhouette and cuts of the garments are in keeping with the trend of the brands past collections including and dimensional fabrics of embroidery, netting, chunky cotton knits and jacquards. “Eyes unlike any ocean” to me means something mysterious and alluring, calm and fierce, something that isn’t always as it seems. While things may look pristine on the surface there’s depths of undiscovered life and beauty.   Jodie Hilton Manning Cartell Jodie Hilton Manning Cartell2 Jodie Hilton Manning Cartell3 Jodie Hilton Manning Cartell4 Jodie Hilton Manning Cartell5 Jodie Hilton Manning Cartell6 Jodie Hilton Manning Cartell7 Jodie Hilton Manning Cartell8 Jodie Hilton Manning Cartell9 Jodie Hilton Manning Cartell10 Jodie Hilton Manning Cartell11 Jodie Hilton Manning Cartell12 This look book was created as an assessment piece by Jodie Hilton as a first year Branded Fashion student. Australia

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