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I was asked to generate a LOOK BOOK for Carlton Refinery.

LOOK BOOK BRIEF:  the photoshoot must communicate the essence of the garment design and align itself with the branding. The garments had innovative pleating with structural transparency. I sought after a location that would bring these elements to view and complement the design.

These shots were taken with soft lighting to accentuate the freedom of the space and lightness of the organza.
Model: Kate Carlyle
Photographer: Michelle Warren

This was styled differently to the image above. Where it was in a luxe setting and paired with a black skirts and Louboutins it was then styled in a way to show the versatility of the garment. Paired with a bikini, structured shorts and accessorised with a sequinned bib from camilla.

This was the essence of the shoot. Contemporary High Street feel echoing the style of the garment with a juxtaposition of the opaque version of the blouse with the transparent corridor. Furthermore linking the architecture of the building back with the garment design.

Behind the scenes. Kate and I discussing the brief and talking shop before the shoot. Thank you to Michelle Warren for her skilful eye and patience with the weather. I swear it was four seasons in one day! Thank you to Kate Carlyle for an amazing collaboration. Some images via Sunland Group. If you’d like to more about the location click here


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