Hello! My name is Jodie Hilton. I am the founder of The New Garde, residing in Brisbane, Australia. Madly in love with creative process, I have a passion for sharing insights about design, personal style and society within fashion. My site is a reminder that work and life is still evolving and that there are always new and challenging things to do. Stand for what you believe in (in my case it is equality, acceptance and diversity) and live beautifully designed lives without becoming sheep in the heard.  I am taking on projects at the moment, so get in touch if you think we’d make wonderful things together.


Subjects on the site cover interior and fashion design concepts to inspiration and creative process. Jodie personally pens every post and when available works with like minded industry professionals to ensure that every article is completely soulful and original. Since its humble beginnings as a place to share inspiration and projects while Jodie was studying as a fashion and working as a visual merchandiser for a national home wares company, Jodie has since gone on to release 2 collections and work on numerous fashion and homeware labels before launching The New Garde .



Jodie Hilton is the founder of The New Garde and based in Brisbane, Australia. A creative co-working studio, where she preaches putting an emphasis on work ethic and helping others instead of waiting on ideas or keeping resources hidden.

Over the last 10 years, she’s built a reputation for herself through developing visual displays through merchandising solutions with a roster of clients including Rockmans, Pillow Talk, Amalfi and many boutiques and small businesses.

Before diving full-time into a career centered on concept creation and design, Jodie was represented on the world stage in a solo art exhibition in Calgary, Canada. Returning home from a sell out show she forged ahead with a commercial range and showing work through local boutiques. After 7 years as a Visual Merchandiser, Jodie enrolled in a two-year fast tracked Applied Design Program to earn a degree majoring in Branded Fashion. Cost effective, intensive and fulfilling, it was the best career decision she ever made.

Before the program wrapped, Jodie had won the BT Runway for Success Illustration prize along with internships with Fashion Weekly MagazineVogue Australia, Kitx, Marcs and Sacha Drake. Jodie was then employed to as a graphic design assistant and fashion design assistant after the 2nd collection of her own eponymous label.

In 2016 Jodie founded her own business The New Garde a co-working incubator with a fashion focus, right in the heart of Brisbane. Located in Newstead, the co-working space is easily accessible and has been created with the emerging designer in mind. The collaborative hub will help bring designers to the forefront of the local and regional fashion scene by providing a one-stop start up option as well as crucial connections to other parts of the fashion eco system.

Jodie juggled blogging, her family and studies alongside her love of design and collaboration. Sleep was hard to come by but she knew the hands-on experience was necessary to grow and develop her passion. Today, Jodie leads a multi-faceted life where expression ruminates from everywhere including surroundings, career and travels.

I have a deep love for Back To The Future, and Shabba doo. My most played band in my ipod is Nine Inch Nails. Espresso martini is one (of my many) weaknesses. If I could learn one dance move it would be the moves from Electric Boogaloo. I share a home with my husband and best friend Matt Roberts and 2 red haired kids. I love vibrant colours paired with Black and white in a maximalist style. I rarely watch TV but I’ll make an exception for The Walking Dead. If we’re at a party and you’re discussing cars or baby routines, I’ll fall asleep. But the second the subject veers towards art, fashion in society or the professional rodeo circuit in the 90’s? Well, then we’re bound to be the best of friends.

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