Visual Merchandising

A Week of Visual Merchandising

Colourful Home Decor

Detail from the Warehouse Bright Display

This weeks madness is proudly bought to you by vigorous visual merchandising. The new summer look in store has required drastic change and a complete make-over of the entire home wares area. The build up of christmas has got a lot of people spoilt for choice when it comes to giving their homes a facelift.

Visual Merchandising. Jodie Hilton

Upon entry this is what your greeted with.

I LOVE this table setting! chevron napery, emerald glass bottles, vintage milk jugs and villa home crockery, not to forget the impressive resin parrots. Look closer to see other hidden treasures like the bird holder name cards in 5 different colours. This would absolutely be christmas at my place…. if I didn’t race off to mums and make a total glutton of myself on xmas day!

Visual merchandising jodie hilton

Warehouse Bright story


From this……

Visual Merchandising by Jodie Hilton

… this!

Bohemia display features an eclectic mix of floral etched glass heart cutout hurricanes and genie style urns.

Visual merchandising Jodie Hilton

Aura Peonies Styled by Jodie Hilton

Visual Merchandising Jodie Hilton

Kitchen and living display on slat wall

This is 1/4 of the size of this display. Armed with plastic and white shelves a few hooks this wall was put together like this:

Visual Merchandising

Entire slat wall display

Front window display

Front Window

The front was reconfigured to give a vibe of the coastal lifestyle. Aptly named the “Bondi” story featuring baskets and woven base lamps with natural shades. Pops of yellow orange and aqua. Porcelain parrots and glass domes.

Bondi Display

Bondi Display

Visual merchandising jodie hilton

Quilt cover by KAS styled by me

From the beach we go to the city! This is a segment of the “Manhattan” story. I love the oversize lanterns and white textured vases that have been paired with natural colour shade lamps. Lux!

Manhattan Jodie Hilton

Manhattan Display

Well thats wrapping up about half of the displays that I worked on over the last 2 weeks. please feel free to contact me with any Visual Merchandising questions. If you’d like to purchase anything you’ve seen on this post please contact go to






















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